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Back to School for patients with asthma and allergies! 

The allergist can help you more than you think: six ways to team up.

  Facing a new school year with a child suffering from allergies or asthma is no walk in the park. It entails a great deal of knowledge and information to face the obstacles, adapt to new restrictions, and make the environment as inclusive as possible. Whether it’s a known condition or a newly diagnosed one, a new establishment or the same school, parents have the immense task of meeting and educating new teachers, school staff and care takers to ensure safety and a comprehensive environment. There are many online sources available to a parent, although the simple task of selecting the reputable ones can be time-consuming and overwhelming. The most reliable source of support is the allergist. The specialized physician who can help parents learn to manage their child’s daily care to safeguard their home and school from triggers as well as to inform care-givers about their child’s condition.

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