Florida Center For Allergy And Asthma Control
Dr. Dana Wallace, FAAAAI, FACAAI

The Staff

Our staff is a group of well-trained, caring individuals who work closely together in order to provide excellent care to those who come in contact with them. 


Nursing Staff


Marcia, our nursing supervisor, joined FCAAC in 2012 but has worked with Dr. Wallace for over 20 years.  To know her is to love her. She is understanding, insightful, caring, and always ready to listen to staff, to our professionals, but most of all to our patients. You will not meet a finer allergy nurse anywhere! 

When not working, Marcia enjoys purse and shoe shopping, on-line shopping, and spending time with her grandchildren-- you would never guess she is old enough to have grandchildren! Marcia is a friend to ALL!



Myrna, originally from Puerto Rico, studied at the Manhattan School of Nursing where she obtained her LPN degee. She joined FCAAC 15 1/2 years ago and has remained loyal during those years, serving as nursing supervisor for many of those years. She has a pet cat named "Mr. Miyagi" which she would love to tell you about. When not working, Myrna visits historical sites, museums, and loves to read. But the one hobby we appreciate MOST in our office is when she shares with us her talents for cake baking and decorating -- special occasions and birthdays! Wow is she good!

Carla, our delightful bilingual LPN, a native of Nicaragua, joined FCAAC more than 15 years ago. She treats everyone with respect and enjoys making friends with our patients. One of her favorite passtimes is "coupon clipping" and IS SHE GOOD! Ask her how to cut your grocery bill in half! She enjoys watching old movies with her mother when not working. We feel very lucky to have such a caring, compentent nurse on our staff!




Our Medical Assistant, Amilcar, received his medical training in Cuba and is perusing a career in nursing while working full-time. He has been with FCAAC for the past year working in several different FCAAC offices; however, we request him to be in our Hollywood office whenever possible! Being bilingual, he quickly becomes a friend to all our patients. What he enjoys most when not working or attending school is spending quality time with his wife, two children, and close friends. We welcome Amilcar to our Hollywood office. 




Front Office Staff


Bianca, our Hollywood office manager, grew up in Rhode Island before coming to Florida. She joined FCAAC just 10 months ago but already has a competent handle on running an efficient, friendly office and managing our wonderful staff. You may have met Bianca’s pet “Rooni”, as this delightful  colorful fish resides in our office for all to enjoy. When not working,  Bianca enjoys reading, shopping, and spending time with family. Be sure and tell Bianca and Ronni your “fish story”  the next time you come to our office!


Jennifer, our front desk clerk, will be the first smiling face that greets you! She has been part of FCAAC for over 4 years. She studied at Sullivan and Colligano. When not working, she enjoys time with her two “sunshines”, her children Jayda (age 16) and Lorenzo (age 12). The whole family enjoys watching their betta fish “Rain”. 

And did you know that Jen has a real creative side with a part-time business, “Creative Treats by CJ’s”, specializing in customized tu-tu’s, candy buffets, and budget party planning. Come and join our party with Jennifer and FCAAC!

But it is the “love of others” that best describes Jennifer. She loves spending time with her family and friends, which gives her that “delightful warm feeling” inside. Her #1 passion is helping those who are in need, especially those with allergy/asthma problems, and always being there with a smiling face and a helping hand.  


Fritznie, our front desk receptionist was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Fritznie joined Florida Center for Allergy and Asthma Care in December 2016. Fritznie graduated from Concorde Career College with a Diploma in Medical Assisting. She is currently attending West Coast University pursuing her bachelors in science for a degree in nursing and plans on becoming a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. Her favorite hobby is singing and cooking. In her spare time she enjoys “clowning around” while spending a lot of time with her family, especially her young nephew “Avery’’, as he is full of joy. Fritznie is outgoing, friendly, and enjoys meeting all our patients as she schedules them for their return appointment. Join me in welcoming Fritznie!