Dr. Wallace directs World Allergy Training School in St. Petersburg, Russia June 2016

As part of the WAO world-wide educational programs, Dr. Wallace chairs the World Allergy Training Committee which sends allergists to various regions of the world to teach practical hands-on courses in allergy with a combination of lectures and workshops on pulmonary function testing, food allergy, anaphylaxis and allergy skin testing. Dr. Wallace recently completed a 2-day training course in St. Petersburg, Russia. 


Dr. Wallace interviewed on CBC "Focus on South Florida"  
















During my live television interview (July 11, 2013) with “Focus on South Florida” show host Michelle Guillen, we discussed increase in allergy symptoms during the summer months due to increased outdoor pollen exposure, dust mites who thrive on warm and humid conditions, food and skin allergies due to seasonal fruits, and stinging insects.  The need to properly diagnose and treat allergic nose and eye symptoms as well as asthma was discussed. The most “natural” way to treat and send the allergy symptoms away is through allergy immunotherapy, often referred to as “allergy shots” . One uses an extract made from natural allergens and by giving small amounts on a regular basis as a subcutaneous injection, the body builds an immunity to these items, no longer seeing the as foreign substances (allergens).  After a few years of treatment, most people can stop the treatment and remain controlled. I also emphasized the need for insect and food allergy patients to always carry two of the auto-injectors of epinephrine, available as Epi-Pen or Auvi-Q. 


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Dr. Wallace Chairs Meeting of Women Physicians of the Broward County Medical Association

Dana Wallace is MC at the recent Broward County Medical Association Women Physician's Group at the Tower Club in Fort Lauderdale. Over 100 female physicians attended this educational, networking, and social event. Watch the short Youtube video that features this event!

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